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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Kabukicho, Edo, Japan
The name's Jess; nineteen, bisexual. I'm cold, blunt and sarcastic. Logical. Vegetarian. Sadist. Atheist. Gay guys fetish. I'm weird. I enjoy random and disturbing things. I drool over gore. Love Art & Science. Drawing is my passion. Eat horror movies at breakfast. Addicted to One Piece, You're My Loveprize In Viewfinder, Gintama and ZE.

And I really, really adore pyjamas.

Interests (95):

a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, acdc, alice in chains, alice's adventures in wonderland, arcade fire, arctic monkeys, audioslave, avenged sevenfold, basketball, beetlejuice, carnivalè, chess, colorado kid, death cab for cutie, dexter, district 9, drawing, dream theater, ergo proxy, final fantasy vii: advent children, finding nemo, futurama, gintama, goosebumps, harry potter, haven, hellsing (ova), higurashi & umineko no naku koro ni, house md, house of 1000 corpses, howl's moving castle, hurt locke, invader zim, iron maiden, kaiser chiefs, korn, les rivieres pourpres, let the right one in, lie to me, marilyn manson, martyrs, metallica, mononoke, mononoke hime, muse, mushishi, natsume yuujinchou, ncis. cow & chicken, neon genesis evangelion, nine inch nails, one piece, pearl jam, pirates of the caribbean, placebo, psychoville, rainbow, reading, red hot chili peppers, rem, ren & stimpy, rise against, samurai champloo, saw, sayonara zetsubou sensei, serial experiments lain, shutter island, six feet under, slipknot, south park, stone sour, supernatural, sweeney todd, swimming, techxnolyze, the addams family, the golden compass, the history of the ancient egypt, the killers, the last house on the left, the last samurai, the lord of the rings, the melancholy death of oyster boy, the mentalist, the nightmare before christmas, the queen of the damned, the ring, the shining, the shinning, the simpsons, the walking dead, through the looking glassm, v for vendetta, witch hunter robin, writing
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